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We provide various Android projects to final year students at low cost and with IEEE standard. IEEE Android projects are students own ideas and existing one, we help students to make improvements in projects and provide additional ideas. That’s why students are seeking IEEE projects center in Coimbatore like Glim Technologies. We are the best IEEE Android project center in Coimbatore.

List Of Final Year IEEE Android Projects

1. An Indoor Position-Estimation Algorithm Using Smartphone IMU Sensor Data

Position-estimation systems for indoor localization play a very important role in way of life. the worldwide positioning system (GPS) may be a widespread positioning system, that is especially economical for out of doors environments. In indoor eventualities, GPS signal reception is weak. Therefore, achieving sensible position estimation accuracy may be a challenge. to beat this challenge, it’s necessary to utilize alternative position estimation systems for indoor localization. However, alternative existing indoor localization systems, particularly supported mechanical phenomenon measuring unit (IMU) device knowledge, still face challenges like accumulated errors from sensors and external field effects. This paper proposes a position-estimation algorithmic rule that uses the combined options of the measuring device, meter, associated rotating mechanism knowledge from an terrorist organization device for position estimation. during this paper, we tend to 1st estimate the pitch and roll values supported a fusion of measuring device and rotating mechanism device values. The calculable pitch values area unit used for step detection. The step lengths area unit calculable by mistreatment the pitching amplitude. The heading of the pedestrian is calculable by the fusion of meter and rotating mechanism device values. Finally, the position is calculable supported the step length and heading info. The projected pitch-based step detection algorithmic rule achieves a pair of.5% error as compared with acceleration-based step detection approaches. The heading estimation projected during this paper achieves a mean heading error of four.72_ as compared with the azimuth- and magnetometer-based approaches. The experimental results show that the projected position-estimation algorithmic rule achieves a high position accuracy that considerably outperforms that of standard estimation strategies used for validation during this paper.

2. Applying Simulated Annealing and Parallel Computing to the Mobile Sequential Recommendation

We speed up the answer of the mobile sequent recommendation (MSR) downside that needs looking out best routes for empty taxi cabs through mining large taxi GPS information. we tend to develop new strategies that mix parallel computing and therefore the simulated hardening with novel international and native searches. whereas existing approaches sometimes involve expensive offline algorithms and organized pruning of the search house, our new strategies offer direct time period look for the best route while not the offline preprocessing. Our strategies considerably scale back machine time for the high dimensional MSR issues from days to seconds supported the real-world information moreover because the artificial ones. we tend to expeditiously offer solutions to MSR issues with thousands of pick-up points while not offline coaching, compared to the revealed record of twenty five pick-up points.

3. Dating with Scambots: Understanding the Ecosystem of Fraudulent Dating Applications

In this work, we have a tendency to area unit that specialize in a replacement and nonetheless uncovered approach for malicious apps to achieve profit. They claim to be geological dating apps. However, their sole purpose is to lure users into getting premium/VIP services to start out conversations with different (likely faux female) accounts within the app. we have a tendency to decision these apps as dishonest geological dating apps. This paper performs a scientific study to know the full scheme of dishonest geological dating apps. Specifically, we’ve got projected a three-phase methodology to discover them and after comprehend their characteristics via analyzing the prevailing account profiles. Our observation reveals that almost all of the accounts don’t seem to be managed by real persons, however by chatbots supported predefined language templates. we have a tendency to additionally analyze the business model of those apps and reveal that multiple parties are literally concerned within the scheme, together with producers United Nations agency develop apps, publishers United Nations agency publish apps to achieve profit, and also the distribution network that’s accountable for distributing apps to finish users. Finally, we have a tendency to analyze the impact of them to users (i.e., victims) and estimate the revenue. Our work is that the initial systematic study on dishonest geological dating apps, and also the results demonstrate the urge for an answer to guard users.



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