Final Year IEEE VLSI Projects In Coimbatore

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IEEE VLSI Project Center In Coimbatore

We are the best IEEE VLSI project centre in Coimbatore which provide all types of project to final year students at low cost. Glim Technologies, Coimbatore offer 2019 real-time VLSI projects for final year students and complete guidance and support. Best IEEE final year VLSI project centre in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Glim Technologies provide various final year IEEE projects like Java, Dot Net, Python, PHP, Big Data, Hadoop and IoT for the final year students all over India.

List of VLSI Projects

1. A 0.3-V 37-nW 53-dB SNDR Asynchronous Delta–Sigma Modulator in 0.18-μmCMOS

A new resolution for associate degree ultralow-voltage bulkdriven (BD) asynchronous delta–sigma modulator is represented during this paper. Whereas enforced during a customary zero.18-µm CMOS method from the Taiwan Semiconductor producing Company and furnished VDD = zero.3 V, the circuit offers a fifty three.3-dB quantitative relation|signal/noise ratio|signal/noise|S/N|ratio} and distortion ratio, that corresponds to eight.56-bit resolution. Additionally, the whole power consumption is thirty seven compass points, the signal information measure is sixty two cycles per second, and also the ensuing power potency is zero.79 pJ/conversion. The above-named options are achieved using a extremely linear transconductor and a hysteretic comparator supported nontailed Bachelor of Divinity differential combine.

2. A 12-bit, 2.5-bit/Phase Column-Parallel Cyclic ADC

A 12-bit, 1.67-MS/s, two-stage cyclic ADC, using a 1.5-bit algorithmic program in an exceedingly a pair of.5-bit framework is planned during this temporary. the quantity of correct comparators is reduced to 0.5 as compared with the standard a pair of.5-bit stage, that reduces the facility consumption. moreover, the pipelined operation of the 2 stages reduces the whole range of clock-cycles, that improves the conversion rate. The planned ADC is meant and fancied in an exceedingly commonplace 180-nm CMOS technology. The obtained differential nonlinearity and integral nonlinearity ar +0.5/−0.5 LSB and +0.8/−0.9 LSB, severally. The ADC consumes 435-µW of power and occupies a region of zero.045 mm2. The postlayout simulations of ADC designed in an exceedingly column-pitch of five.6 µm show that it’s appropriate for column-parallel readout in CMOS image sensors.

3. A 16-bit 2.0-ps Resolution Two-Step TDC in 0.18-μm CMOS Utilizing Pulse-Shrinking Fine Stage With Built-In Coarse Gain Calibration

This paper proposes a time-to-digital device (TDC) that achieves wide input vary and fine time resolution at identical time. The projected TDC utilizes pulse-shrinking (PS) theme within the second stage for a fine resolution and ballroom dance (TS) design for a good vary. The projected note TDC prevents Associate in Nursing undesirable non uniform shrinking rate issue within the standard note TDCs by utilizing a intrinsic offset pulse Associate in Nursing and offset pulse breadth detection schemes. With many techniques, as well as a intrinsic coarse gain standardization mechanism, the projected TS design overcomes a nonlinearity thanks to the signal propagation and gain twin between coarse and fine stages. The simulation results of the TDC enforced in an exceedingly zero.18-µm customary CMOS technology demonstrate a pair of.0-ps resolution and 16-bit vary that corresponds to ∼130-ns input amount with zero.08-mm2 space. It operates at three.3 MS/s with eighteen.0 mW from one.8-V offer and achieves one.44-ps single-shot preciseness.





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VLSI is a trending technologies for those who are all studing Electical and Electronics background.