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We are the  best IEEE python project centre in Coimbatore which provide all types of projects to final year students at low cost. Glim Technologies, Coimbatore offer 2019 real-time IEEE projects for final year students and we do complete guidance to the students. Best IEEE final year python projects centre in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Glim Technologies provide various final year IEEE projects like Java, Dot Net, PHP, Big Data, HadoopVLSI and IoT for the final year students all over India.

Python Projects List

1. Achieving Data Truthfulness and Privacy Preservation in Data Markets

As a major business paradigm, several on-line info platforms have emerged to satisfy society’s desires for person-specific information, wherever a service supplier collects {raw information|data|information} from data contributors, so offers added information services to information customers. However, within the information mercantilism layer, the info customers face a pressing downside, i.e., a way to verify whether or not the service supplier has honestly collected and processed data? What is more, {the information|the info|the information} contributors are sometimes unwilling to reveal their sensitive personal data and real identities to the info customers. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose TPDM, that with efficiency integrates honesty and Privacy preservation in information Markets. TPDM is structured internally in associate Encrypt-then-Sign fashion, mistreatment part homomorphic secret writing and identity-based signature. It at the same time facilitates batch verification, processing, and outcome verification, whereas maintaining identity preservation and information confidentiality. We have a tendency to conjointly instantiate TPDM with a profile matching service and a knowledge distribution service, and extensively judge their performances on Yahoo! Music ratings dataset and 2009 RECS dataset, severally. Our analysis and analysis results reveal that TPDM achieves many fascinating properties, whereas acquisition low computation and communication overheads once supporting large-scale information markets.

2. Collaborative Filtering-based Electricity Plan Recommender System

Owning to electricity market liberation, residential customers currently relish the liberty to settle on their most popular electricity retailers. This paper investigates the applying of recommender system, a fast-developing technique in machine learning, into the task of recommending electricity plans for the individual residential client. Supported a cooperative filtering strategy, associate degree electricity set up recommender system (EPRS) is developed. By providing simply gettable knowledge of some family appliances, residential customers of the EPRS area unit counseled with expected ratings of various plans, which might offer effective steerage to customers within the choice of appropriate plans and correct tariffs. Totally different numerical tests area unit administered to evaluate the performance of the EPRS. The EPRS outperforms alternative ways within the accuracy of advice result and is verified to be a promising answer to electricity set up recommendation task.

3. CompetitiveBike: Competitive Analysis and Popularity Prediction of Bike-Sharing Apps Using Multi-Source Data

In recent years, bike-sharing systems are wide deployed in several massive cities, which offer a cheap and healthy life style. With the prevalence of bike-sharing systems, tons of corporations be part of the bike-sharing market, resulting in more and more fierce competition. To be competitive, bike-sharing corporations and app developers got to build strategic choices and predict the recognition of bike-sharing apps. However, existing works principally concentrate on predicting the recognition of one app, the recognition contest among completely different apps has not been explored however. during this paper, we have a tendency to aim to forecast the recognition contest between Mobike and Ofo, 2 hottest bike-sharing apps in China. we have a tendency to develop CompetitiveBike, a system to predict the recognition contest among bike-sharing apps leverage multi-source knowledge. we have a tendency to extract 2 novel sorts of options: coarse-grained and fine-grained competitive features, and utilize Random Forest model to forecast the longer term fight. additionally, we have a tendency to read mobile apps competition as a semipermanent event and generate the event plot line to complement our competitive analysis. we have a tendency to collect knowledge regarding 2 bike-sharing apps and 2 food ordering & delivery apps from eleven app stores and Sina Weibo, implement in depth experimental studies, and also the results demonstrate the effectiveness and generality of our approach.





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