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Final Year PHP Projects In Coimbatore

PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor and it is server-side scripting language mainly designed for web development. PHP code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module, which generates the resulting web page. Glim Technologies will provide all kinds of PHP projects in Coimbatore with the best price.

List of PHP Projects

1. A Hybrid E-learning Recommendation Approach Based on Learners’ Influence Propagation

In e-learning recommender systems, social info between learners is incredibly scarce, that makes it troublesome to use cooperative filtering (CF) techniques. during this study, we have a tendency to propose a hybrid filtering (HF) recommendation approach (SI-IFL) combining learner influence model (LIM), organization primarily based (SOB) recommendation strategy and sequent pattern mining (SPM) along for recommending learning objects (LOs) to learners. The tactic works as follows: (i), LIM is applied to amass the social info by computing the influence that a learner exerts on others. LIM consists of learner similarity, information credibleness, and learner aggregation. LIM is freelance of ratings. Moreover, to deal with the uncertainty and fuzzy natures of learners, intuitionistic formal logic (IFL) is applied to optimize the LIM. (ii), a SOB suggestation strategy is applied to recommend the best learner cliques for active learners by simulating the influence propagation among learners. Influence propagation implies that a learner will move toward active learners, and such behaviors will stimulate the moving behaviors of his neighbors. This SOB recommendation approach achieves a stable structure supported distributed and bottom-up behaviors of people. (iii), SPM is applied to make a decision the ultimate learning objects (LOs) and guidance ways supported the counseled learner cliques. The experimental results demonstrate that SI-IFL will give customized and diversified recommendations, and it shows promising potency and adaptableness in e-learning situations.

2. Authentication by Encrypted Negative Password

Secure positive identification storage could be a very important side in systems supported positive identification authentication that continues to be the foremost wide used authentication technique, despite its some security flaws. During this paper, we tend to propose a positive identification authentication framework that’s designed for secure positive identification storage and will be simply integrated into existing authentication systems. In our framework, first, the received plain positive identification from a shopper is hashed through a cryptanalytic hash perform (e.g., SHA-256). Then, the hashed positive identification is reborn into a negative positive identification. Finally, the negative positive identification is encrypted into associate Encrypted Negative positive identification (abbreviated as ENP) employing a symmetric-key algorithmic program (e.g., AES), and multi-iteration encoding may be used to more improve security. The cryptanalytic hash performs and trigonal encoding creates it tough to crack passwords from ENPs. Moreover, there are countless corresponding ENPs for a given plain positive identification, that makes precomputation attacks (e.g., search table attack and rainbow table attack) unworkable. The algorithmic program complexness analyses and comparisons show that the ENP might resist search table attack and supply stronger positive identification protection below lexicon attack. it’s price mentioning that the ENP doesn’t introduce additional parts (e.g., salt); besides this, the ENP might still resist precomputation attacks. most significantly, the ENP is that the 1st positive identification protection theme that mixes the cryptanalytic hash perform, the negative positive identification and also the symmetric-key algorithmic program, while not the necessity for extra data except the plain positive identification.

3. Enabling Authorized Encrypted Search for Multi-Authority Medical Databases

E-medical records area unit sensitive and may be hold on in an exceedingly medical info in encrypted kind. However, merely encrypting these records can eliminate knowledge utility and ability of the present medical info system as a result of encrypted records is not any longer searchable. Moreover, multiple authorities can be concerned in dominant and sharing the personal medical records of shoppers. However, authorizing completely different shoppers to go looking and access records originating from multiple authorities in an exceedingly secure and ascendible manner could be a nontrivial matter. To deal with the higher than problems, we have a tendency to propose a certified searchable secret writing theme underneath a multi-authority setting. Specifically, our planned theme leverages the RSA operate to alter every authority to limit the search capability of various shoppers supported clients’ privileges. To boost quantifiability, we have a tendency to utilize multi-authority attribute-based secret writing to permit the authorization method to be performed just the once even over policies from multiple authorities. We have a tendency to conduct rigorous security and price analysis, and perform experimental evaluations to demonstrate that the planned theme introduces moderate overhead to existing searchable secret writing schemes.





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