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Data Integrity Auditing without Private Key Storage for Secure Cloud Storage


Utilizing cloud capacity administrations, clients can store their information within the cloud to dodge the consumption of neighborhood information capacity and upkeep. To guarantee the keenness of the information put away within the cloud, numerous information judgment reviewing plans have been proposed. In most, in the event that not all, of the existing plans, a client ought to utilize his private key to generate the information authenticators for realizing the information keenness examining. Hence, the client must have a equipment token (e.g. USB token, shrewd card) to store his private key and memorize a watchword to actuate this private key.

Authentication by Encrypted Negative Password


Secure watchword capacity could be a crucial perspective in frameworks based on secret word confirmation, which is still the foremost broadly utilized verification strategy, in spite of its a few security flaws. In this paper, we propose a password authentication system that’s outlined for secure secret word capacity and may be effortlessly coordinates into existing verification frameworks. In our system, to begin with, the gotten plain secret word from a client is hashed through a cryptographic hash work (e.g., SHA-256).

Towards Robust Image Steganography


The behavior of posting pictures on social arrange stages is happened all over and each single moment. Hence, the communication channels advertised by different social systems have a extraordinary potential for clandestine communication. In any case, pictures transmitted through such channels will more often than not be JPEG compressed, which comes up short most of the existing steganographic plans. In this paper, we propose a novel picture steganography system that’s vigorous to such channels. In specific, we to begin with get the channel compressed adaptation (i.e., the channel output) of the first picture. Mystery information is implanted into the channel compressed unique picture by utilizing any of the existing JPEG steganographic plans, which produces the stego-image after the channel transmission.





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