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PHP Online Training

PHP Online Training provided by real time experts .PHP Online training will be 100% practical training with real time examples.

What is PHP?

PHP is the programming language that is used for development of website and other applications. . PHP course will cover basics of PHP and advanced PHP topics
We cover all PHP concepts which will help you in real time PHP jobs.

Why Glim Technologies,Best PHP training institute in Chennai?

PHP online training provided by best training institute in Chennai. Best PHP course in Chennai provided by PHP certified professional with more than 10 years of experience. PHP training is given by our real time experts who have more experience in the PHP. The training method will be based on the real time scenarios with 90% of practical sessions. PHP course content is framed to cover both experienced and Non-experienced students in PHP.

What we do at Glim Technologies, best PHP training in Chennai?

Glim Technologies, provides Real time training in PHP and placement. Our PHP Online training faculty has lot of Real time experience and well qualified in training the professionals. The faculty has 11+ years of PHP experience and handled many corporate training in India. Separate session will be handled for PHP Interview questions. Glim Technologies is recognized as Best  online PHP Institute by the students. For all the students, PHP basics is covered to understand the fundamental concepts.

Whom PHP training course in Chennai is suitable for?

PHP is suitable for all IT professionals irrespective of platform they worked on. This course can be pursued by Java as well as non- Java background professionals (including Mainframe, DWH etc.). PHP training course fee is very less at Glim Technologies and you will get complete knowledge of all PHP concepts

Whom do we train at GLIM, best PHP training in Chennai?
We are more experienced in giving training to professionals across all experience 0 -18 years and we have separate PHP course content for Developer, Lead and Project manager. We customize the syllabus covered according to the role requirements in the industry.

Why GLIM Technologies PHP Training course in Chennai?

GLIM Technologies provides real-time training focused placement oriented PHP online training. GLIM Technologies PHP course covers basics to advanced topics and PHP course syllabus is framed in such a manner that students will easily get placed after completing PHP online training. Our PHP trainers are certified experts with more that 10 + years of experience with hands on real time multiple PHP projects knowledge. We have the PHP course content and syllabus in Chennai covering more practical scenarios based on real-time experience. The course fee is affordable and less when compared to other institute and course fee is completely based on requirements of students. PHP training in Chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes. GLIM Technologies PHP trainers have trained more than 100 + students so far with successful placements. We provide excellent lab facilities for PHP online training focused on PHP online training.

PHP Online Training  Batch Timings:

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening) Seats Available 7 (maximum)
Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) 7 (maximum)
Fast Track batch 5 (maximum)

PHP online training Features:
Training is handled by PHP Certified Professionals with 10+ years of Experience.
Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
More than 300+ students have been trained and have been successfully placed in MNC companies.
Practical Oriented sessions with real time scenarios.
Individual attention will be given to all students.

PHP online training Syllabus 

PHP 5.5 and MySql 5.6

  • The Basics of PHP
  • Why PHP and MySQL?

Server-Side Web Scripting

  • Static HTML
  • Client-Side Technologies
  • Server-Side Scripting

Getting Started with PHP

Adding PHP to HTML

Syntax and Variables

  • PHP’s Syntax
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Types in PHP
  • Output

Control and Functions

  • Boolean Expressions
  • Branching
  • Looping
  • Terminating Execution
  • Using Functions
  • Function Documentation
  • Variable Scope
  • Function Scope

Passing Information between Pages

  • GET Arguments
  • POST Arguments
  • Formatting Form Variables
  • PHP Superglobal Arrays


  • Interpolation with curly braces
  • Characters and string indexes
  • String operators
  • Concatenation and assignment
  • The heredoc syntax

String Functions

  • Inspecting strings
  • Finding characters and sub strings
  • Comparison and searching
  • Searching
  • Substring selection
  • String cleanup functions
  • String replacement

Arrays and Array Functions

  • The Uses of Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Retrieving Values
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Inspecting Arrays
  • Deleting from Arrays
  • Iteration


  • Numerical Types
  • Mathematical Operators
  • Simple Mathematical Functions
  • Randomness


  • Choosing a Database for PHP
  • What Is a Database
  • Maintainability and scalability
  • Portability
  • Avoiding awkward programming
  • Searching
  • Security
  • Choosing a Database
  • A GUI
  • Subquery
  • Threading and locking
  • Transactional databases
  • Procedures and triggers
  • Indexes
  • Foreign keys and integrity constraints

SQL Tutorial

  • Relational Databases and SQL
  • SQL Standards
  • The Workhorses of SQL
  • Database Design
  • Privileges and Security

MySQL Database Administration

  • MySQL Licensing
  • Installing MySQL
  • MySQL User Administration
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Backups
  • Replication
  • Recovery

PHP/MySQL Functions

  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Making MySQL Queries
  • Fetching Data Sets
  • Getting Data about Data
  • Multiple Connections
  • Building in Error Checking
  • Creating MySQL Databases with PHP
  • MySQL Functions

Displaying Queries in Tables

  • HTML Tables and Database Tables
  • Complex Mappings
  • Creating the Sample Tables

Building Forms from Queries

  • HTML Forms
  • Basic Form Submission to a Database
  • Self-Submission
  • Editing Data with an HTML Form

PHP/MySQL Efficiency

  • Connections — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Indexing and Table Design

Advanced Features and Techniques

  • Object-Oriented Programming with PHP
  • What Is Object-Oriented Programming
  • Basic PHP Constructs for OOP
  • Advanced OOP Features
  • Introspection Functions
  • Extended Example: HTML Forms
  • Gotchas and Troubleshooting
  • OOP Style in PHP

Advanced Array Functions

  • Transformations of Arrays
  • Stacks and Queues
  • Translating between Variables and Arrays
  • Sorting
  • Printing Functions for Visualizing Arrays
  • String and Regular Expression Functions

File system and System Functions

  • Understanding PHP File Permissions
  • File Reading and Writing Functions
  • Filesystem and Directory Functions
  • Network Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Calendar Conversion Functions

Sessions, Cookies, and HTTP

  • What’s a Session?
  • Home-Grown Alternatives
  • How Sessions Work in PHP
  • Session Functions
  • Configuration Issues
  • Cookies
  • Sending HTTP Headers

Types and Type Conversions

  • Type Round-up
  • Resources
  • Type Testing
  • Assignment and Coercion


  • Possible Attacks
  • Register Globals
  • File Uploads
  • Encryption


  • Viewing Environment Variables
  • Understanding PHP Configuration
  • Improving PHP Performance

Exceptions and Error Handling

  • Error Handling in PHP5
  • Other Methods of Error Handling
  • Logging and Debugging


  • General Troubleshooting Strategies
  • A Menagerie of Bugs
  • Using Web Server Logs
  • PHP Error Reporting and Logging
  • Error-Reporting Functions
  • Visual Debugging Tools


  • The Uses of Style
  • Readability
  • Maintainability



  • Understanding E-mail
  • Receiving E-mail with PHP
  • Sending E-mail with PHP

PHP and JavaScript

  • Outputting JavaScript with PHP
  • PHP as a Backup for JavaScript
  • Static Versus Dynamic JavaScript


What Is XML?

  • Working with XML
  • Documents and DTDs
  • DOM
  • Web Services



CMS – Joomla


Basics of CSS

StartsBatchDurationDaysTime (IST)
12th JuneRegular6 WeekMon - Fri08:00AM - 09:30AM
17th JuneWeekend8 WeekSat & Sun10:00AM - 01:00PM
19th JuneRegular6 WeekMon - Fri06:30PM - 08:00PM
24th JuneWeekend8 WeekSat & Sun04:00PM - 07:00PM
26th JuneRegular6 WeekMon - Fri01:00PM - 02:30PM
03th JulyFast Track5 WeekMon - Fri08:00AM - 10:00AM
08th JulyWeekend8 WeekSat & Sun12:30PM – 03:30PM
10th JulyRegular6 WeekMon - Fri06:30PM - 08:00PM
15th JulyWeekend8 WeekSat & Sun04:00PM - 07:00PM
17th JulyRegular6 WeekMon - Fri12:30PM – 03:30PM
24th JulyFast Track5 WeekMon - Fri06:00PM - 08:00PM

PHP online training Features

  • Training is handled by PHP Certified Professionals with 10+ years of Experience.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • More than 300+ students have been trained and have been successfully placed in MNC companies.
  • Practical Oriented sessions with real time scenarios.
  • Individual attention will be given to all students.



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“First of all I would like thank my trainer for giving a wonderful coaching on Informatica. I learned the course from the basic level to advanced level. I review there teaching was really good.”


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